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Business & Industry

 Our food service companies offer flexibility, professionalism, and exceptional cuisine for corporate dining and corporate catering


we aim to improve school nutrition by helping students make the connection that their diet can affect how they feel, look, and perform.


We create patient dining and clinical nutrition programs that meet the needs of your hospital or health system

Sports & Entertainment

Our venue food service includes stadium concessions for all major league sports and extends to convention facilities, concert and performance venues, racetracks, and legendary events.

Workplace Vending

Are your employees tired of junk-food only vending machines at work? Now days, most employees are looking for healthy, natural or low-calorie snack options to help propel them through their busy days and late nights. DHG Vending is the right choice for both companies and their employees.



we excel at providing unforgettable dining experiences that are unique to each of our fast casual and fine dining restaurants, Each of our menus is crafted to best complement the restaurant to make each visit a memorable occasion.

We meet culinary needs through management of the food supply chain and food service procurement, as well as catering to foodservice, health, and wellness trends, all while fulfilling operating patterns and customer requirements.

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